Announcement: Small Fandoms Bang Open for Artist Sign-Ups!

Small Fandoms Bang on DW, the big bang for small fandoms, is open for Artist sign-ups for Round Nine!

We currently have 47 story sign-ups and we’re looking for artists!

A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!

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Please don’t be worried that you might not be familiar with many of the fandoms being written; since the challenge is both multi-fandom and small fandom, we expect that you might not be. For that reason we have given artists 6 weeks to complete their fanart, and are charging authors with assisting their artists with character descriptions, screencaps, etc. Also, the types of fanart we accept is pretty broad and not limited merely to cover art and icons.

So, if you like to create fanart, including graphics, fanmixes and podfic, please check us out!
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Only 5 days remaining for authors to sign up at multifandom_bb

Only 5 days left to sign up as an author on multifandom_bb

Author sign ups close on 30th September, so if you want to participate in a big bang…or even a mini bang and you haven’t yet signed up, now’s your chance to do so.

With a variety of accepted fandoms, including the Buffy Verse and Supernatural, there’s ample opportunity for your muse to play and run wild!

If artwork is more your thing, then you can sign up as an artist.    If wish to sign up, the links to both the author and artist sign ups are below.

Author Sign ups are HERE

Artist Sign ups are HERE


Announcement: Small Fandoms Bang Open for Author Sign-Ups!

Small Fandoms Bang, the big bang for small fandoms, is open for Round Nine!

All small fandoms (once they have been verified as small) qualify, and there is no requirement that you have to have written a long fic before you sign up. The minimum word count is only 10,000 words and we give you plenty of time to get your fic written. All ratings, pairings, and genres are welcome, as are AUs, and crossovers/fusions between small fandoms. Check out the Author Sign-Up post for more information.

A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!
FAQ | Rules | Author Sign-Up | Beta/Cheerleader Sign-Up | Affiliate

(Author sign-ups are open now through October 31; Artist sign-ups open November 1st.)

If you love small fandoms, come check us out!
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Sign Ups are Open for multifandom_bb!

As the name suggests, multifandom_bb is a bigbang community accepting a variety of fandoms.

It's finally that time! Sign Ups are open at multifandom_bb!

Author Sign Up Post Here

Artists Sign Up Post Here

Rules & Info Here

As a reminder the accepted fandoms are Supernatural, Supernatural RPF J2 (Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles), BtVS/AtS (Buffy Verse), The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Star Trek (All TV Versions/Movies), Stargate (All Versions), Smallville, Leverage, Firefly/Serenity, True Blood, Dr Who, Teen Wolf, Lost Girl, Lucifer, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie and Once Upon A Time.

Mini Bang = A minimum of 10,000 words and a minimum of 1 piece of artwork.
Big Bang = A minimum of 20,000 words and a minimum of 2 pieces of artwork.

ALL fics up for claiming will be guaranteed artwork!

Please feel free to share around, the more the merrier! :D
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Writer signups for SPN Eldritch Bang close June 30

comic-drawn Cas, Sam, and Dean of Supernatural stand in a spooky graveyard wielding fence-spikes
:el-dritch: adjective - eerie, strange or unnatural, especially in a way that inspires fear.

Give us your horror tropes, Lovecraftian monsters, and Gothic scenes. Whatever scares you most, this is the place to write and art about it! Writers must produce a horror-themed fic of at least 5k words. Artists will then claim stories and produce one piece of art (or more, for the 15k track) for that story.

Eldritch Bang writer and artist sign-ups are now open, but writer sign-ups close soon, on June 30th. Artist sign-ups will remain open until July 21st.

This is our second round after a great first year. We run equally on spneldritchbang and Tumblr , and also interact on Twitter, our new Discord, and Dreamwidth. Nobody's required to be on any one platform to participate. Please review the 2019 schedule and our FAQ and rules, and then:

Sign up on this form

You should receive an email confirming your sign-up within a day or so.

Thanks to @sketchydean.tumblr for her amazing banner art ♥♥♥

WIP Big Bang: Art Claims Open

Art claims are OPEN at wipbigbang
Sign up as an artist and claim fics for art HERE.
Claim fics from: A Song of Ice and Fire Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Arrow Batman BBC Sherlock BBC Sherlock/Doctor Who BBC Sherlock/Marvel Cinematic Universe BBC Sherlock/Midsomer Murders BBC Sherlock/Star Trek: AOS Black Sails Boku No Hero Academia/Star Vs the Forces of Evil Code Geass Critical Role Campaign One/Dragon Age Origins (Awakening) Crossing Lines/Grey's Anatomy/Hawaii Five-0/Marvel Cinematic Universe/The Sentinel/S.W.A.T. CSI: NY CSI: NY/Law & Order Daredevil DC Extended Universe Doctor Who/St. Trinian's Football RPF Gilmore Girls Glee Guardian Hannibal Harry Potter Hetalia James Bond Law & Order Les Miserables Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel Cinematic Universe/Torchwood Once Upon A Time Original Works Peaky Blinders Primeval (BBC) Star Trek: AOS Star Trek: TOS Star Wars Star Wars Legends, X-Wing series Supernatural Supernatural RPF Transformers Generation One TVXQ Vampire Hunter D Voltron: Legendary Defender Watch Dogs (Video Games)

WIP Big Bang

Join us at wipbigbang
Sign up March 23-April 13 and Finish Your Sh**!

This is a Big Bang with one goal in mind: to clean out your drafts folder. These are stories that were unfinished for whatever reason, that authors returned to and completed, and the art that goes with them! All fandoms welcome!